Discover the city’s most riveting dining and entertainment destination, stylishly reinvented by our Tastemakers.


SHOOK!’s legacy will continue to shine with its stunning transformation. Immerse in the lifestyles of the Tastemakers and fuel your imagination with its diverse spread of gastronomic creations.

The Alchemy

Bring a taste of the Big Apple home with this romantic spin on our signature New Yorker Afternoon Tea

Luk Yu Tea House

Celebrate irresistible authentic eats with our treasury of Chinese soul food of yum cha staples in the form of Hong Kong dim sum

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Come experience The Starhill soon to be fully unveiled

The Starhill will be the new visionary monument of modern luxury in Kuala Lumpur offering the best of experiential retail in an intimate boutique environment that exudes elegance and sophistication. Shoppers will enjoy a refined home-like ambience that is infused with warm hospitality and stylish aesthetics of true Tastemakers for every of our touch points.

The Living Room

Where all visitors will be greeted with the warm welcome of a true Tastemaker’s home. Verdant botanical interiors with lush greenery will create an urban oasis designed for you to escape the hustle and bustle of city living. Embrace the unique sensory experiences of a garden home while shopping for the finest or dining at the most exquisite.

The Tastemakers

A network of style connoisseurs from around the world who are at the forefront of trends in their industries, to shape our shopping and dining experiences and offerings. From street culture to the arts, music, literature and design, The Starhill will embrace and celebrate diverse genres for all who seeks to be inspired.

The Social Circle

Central to everything we do in The Starhill is to build an inclusive community of the discerning. Community is key to every offering we craft for you from regular Narrative sessions with Tastemakers on fashion, music, art, wellness and culinary to creative workshops with designers, chefs, innovators and start-up entrepreneurs.