"Rasa Raya - Weaving Connection" hosted by Eslite Spectrum, served as a delightful tapestry of cultural celebration and artistic expression, seamlessly weaving together the rich tapestry of Malay traditions. The performance by HANDS Percussion Malaysia was undoubtedly a highlight, as their skillful rendition of gamelan melodies filled the air with enchanting music, captivating audiences of all backgrounds at the Eslite Forum.
The Tea Tasting Workshop by Tea+ offered a sensory journey through the world of tea. Participants had the opportunity to explore a diverse range of flavors and aromas, immersing themselves in the intricate nuances of this ancient beverage.
Meanwhile, The Batik Colouring session, led by Jadi Batek, provided a hands-on creative outlet for attendees to express themselves through the traditional art of batik. Each brushstroke transformed plain cloth into vibrant works of art, showcasing the beauty of Malay craftsmanship.
Among the crowd were the spirited members of the Youth Artistic Club, eagerly embarking on their Cuti Cuti 艺乐游 journey with palpable excitement. Their youthful energy infused the event with contagious enthusiasm, elevating the atmosphere to one of pure joy and vibrancy at the Main Atrium of Starhill.
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