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Sex and the City sparked a popular parlour game and an entire line of Kitson tanks, based on fans self-identifying with the famous foursome. Were you a tempestuous, overanalytical Carrie; a pragmatic, ambitious Miranda; a blunt sex siren like Samantha; or a demure Charlotte? With the return of three of our imagined best friends in the new HBO Max sequel, And Just Like That, one can’t help but play it again. The existential question is: Who are the women of Sex and the City now, and who, indeed, are we? (In the words of Miranda in AJLT, “We can’t just stay who we were, right?”) Take our quiz to find out.

The biggest challenge currently facing you as a parent is:

A: Your teenage son turning your once-cozy Brooklyn apartment into a sex den.

B: Convincing your sporty daughter to wear a floral Oscar de la Renta dress.

C: What kids?

The 2021 concept I most struggle to understand is:

A: “Woke culture.”

B: Self-care.

C: Sex positivity.

You just made a new best friend. They are:

A: A renowned law professor who has some thoughts on your white-saviour complex.

B: A helicopter mom and lady-who-lunches with three names. Basically: you!

C: A queer, non-binary podcaster with a penchant for smoking weed in public.

Your friend group has lost an instrumental member. How do you handle it?

A: Casually pretend she’s dead.

B: [Shrugs.]

C: Texting her “I miss you” whenever you walk by La Perla.

Your idea of a hot date is:

A: Whispering sweet nothings into your husband’s hearing aid.

B: Your child’s high-stakes piano recital at the Manhattan School of Music.

C: Todd Rundgren records, wild salmon, and slow dancing in the kitchen.

You are currently wading through the following social minefield:

A: Used condoms on your son’s floor.

B: Your Madame Alexander doll collection not ageing well.

C: Instagram.

For stress relief, you turn to:

A: Purse wine in paper cups.

B: Your bulldog, Richard Burton.

C: French fries.

How is your husband’s midlife crisis manifesting itself?

A: Sexual apathy.

B: Skateboarding.

C: Peloton-ing.

What daring trend are you embracing now?

A: Natural grey hair à la Maye Musk.

B: Brunching in – yogic inhale and exhale – midtown.

C: Double purses.

Your current archnemesis is:

A: Social injustice.

B: Rose Goldenblatt.

C: Samantha Jones.

Immediately after a tragic death, your first impulse is to:

A: Make coffee.

B: Make it about yourself.

C: Make martinis.


Ready for your results? If you got mostly As: You’re a Miranda

You’re a pussy-hat-wearing, NPR-listening “boy mom” who is trying, with varying degrees of success, to be personally and professionally woke. You’re embracing getting older and seeking fulfilment that’s more than skin-deep – going back to school for a human rights degree and being that friend who shows up when you’re needed most. But if you’re being honest with yourself: your habit of drinking in the morning is getting more than a little troubling; you haven’t had sex with your husband since the Trump administration; and a certain queer, nonbinary, weed-smoking podcaster is unsettling you – in a good way.

Mostly Bs: You’re a Charlotte

Congratulations: You married a partner in a law firm, are the mom of two beautiful daughters, and live in a classic six on the Upper East Side. Now what? More striving! You’re funnelling the type-A energy you once brought to wedding planning and your art gallerist career into Hunger Games-style parenting. You’re grooming your children to be classically trained concert pianists and, probably soon, Yale graduates. No matter how old you get, you still wear your heart on your sleeve, struggle with self-doubt and insecurity, and long to penetrate the coolest cliques. You may want to consider a Self-Care Sunday.

Mostly Cs: You’re a Carrie

You’re an iconic, old-media newspaper columnist grappling with the new digital landscape – and the gutting new reality of widowhood. How does the quintessential single girl date now, in her 50s? What the hell is a TikTok? You have no idea, but you’ll be pouring stiff cocktails, wearing glittery shoes, and trying to figure it all in your forthcoming Substack.

N/A: You’re a Samantha

If none of the above resonates with you, you probably left this friend group for London, never to return.

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