With lockdown still enforced, it will be a while till we can dine in at restaurants. Until then, it wouldn’t hurt to plan some fun activities at home to alleviate boredom. We have the right solution for you as we highlight restaurants and home bakers who have curated meal kits for you to whip up restaurant-quality meals in your own kitchen. It’s delicious, effortless and doesn’t take more than an hour to prepare. Not only will you be satisfied with your creation, but it is enough to leave you satiated too. From surprising your loved ones with freshly baked cinnamon rolls to mouth-watering wagyu burgers and beyond, get your aprons ready.

1. Botanica + Co

In the mood for burgers? Botanica + Co can help you with that. With their Miyazaki Wagyu Burger Kit, you can grill a heavenly burger with pre-packed ingredients, leaving no wastage. As you unbox, you will find fresh ingredients – brie cheese, caramelised onions, tomatoes, lettuce, homemade brioche bun, salad and wagyu patties – inside, all ready for the grill. All it takes is 15 minutes to cook and assemble to enjoy. Trust us, it will be worth it.

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Botanica + Co


2. Petit Delicacies

Let your imagination run wild. Whether it’s a jolly activity for the kids or a stress-reliever for yourself, you can be (almost) like Buddy Valastro, thanks to this baking kit. In the Joyful Box, you will receive a 5-inch vanilla cake with three buttercream colours, along with decorative toppings. Ideal for mini celebrations and tea time at home, you’re going to be proud of your petite creation.

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Petit Delicacies
Joyful Box - RM26.90; 2 Joyful Box - RM50

3. Chef Crate

When life gives you cinnamon, you make cinnamon rolls. Yes, you can now attempt these sweet rolls at home with Chef’s Crate baking kit. With its pre-measured ingredients and a recipe card to guide you through, you’re going to ace it in no time. Don’t fret, if you’re not a fan of cinnamon rolls. Feel free to check out other baking kits on Instagram, from biscoff scones to cupcakes and cookies.

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Chef Crate

4. Kanteen

What are you craving for? Kanteen will have you sorted. With their meal kit, you get to fix a lip-smacking feast for your family and partner at home. Take your pick from chicken carbonara (made for four pax), chicken chop (for two pax), grilled salmon fillet (for two pax) and more. Our vegan friends can take part in the experience by attempting vegan mac & cheese too.

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5. Agrain

It’s easy to indulge in a nutritious meal when you can have Agrain’s delicious, affordable and healthy bites at home. Dedicated for those WFH and lazy afternoons, these meal kits – salted egg chicken pasta, lemongrass curry chicken rice, teriyaki chicken rice, and more – are definitely worth exploring, as it only takes 30 minutes of your time from start to finish. In addition, each kit caters to three to four pax, which makes it perfect for a wholesome afternoon with your family and roomies.

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6. Taka KL

Be your own chef and get creative on date nights with this take-home Temaki Kit. At RM288, you will receive eight types of seasonal ingredients, Shari (sushi rice) and Nori Sheets to assemble. For an elevated experience, you can even add on two types of Uni at 120g each at RM1,068 too. If this is your first time, easy instructions will be included for a seamless evening. WhatsApp your orders today.

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Taka KL
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