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Self-love and Sensuality

We dove deep into the topic of feminity, and sensuality and love with conscious women. A safe space where we journaled, meditated and experienced self love practices. 

An interview with Feminity Coach, Sira Arakelyan and Entrepreneur, Sarah Lian.

With Sira: 

- When do you feel most beautiful?

We are all beautiful beyond all those things and our choices are within us.

- What do you think about being a women from your society, culture or religion, was it something encouraging or disempowering?

When I was young, I would say - Don't be afraid of challenging the reality around you. Because these are all man made construct whether that is coming from your culture, religion or from your family. They do the best they can but that doesn't mean it is right for you. So find what you like for your heart. 

- What is owning feminity? 

We define who we are despite whatever the society or media says. As a woman, we realize we are all beautiful beyond all those things and our choices are within us. Just liberate yourself from within. 

I felt very beautiful when I am able to work and help women around me. 


With Sarah: 

- When do you feel most beautiful?

I felt most beautiful when I was dancing. When you just close your eyes, you just feel your body move in a way that you want it to move. 

- What is owning feminity?

Owning feminity is not trying to act differently or create another self, it is simply being yourself. 

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