PANGAIA Impact & Science Report 2022

2022 was a big year for PANGAIA. We have had many successes this year, and, like many, we have also faced challenges. We navigated demanding macroeconomic environments, overcame inevitable innovation setbacks, and pushed the boundaries with disruptive products, all while also achieving B Corp certification.

We introduced 9 new materials and 3 finishesthrough joint ventures, industrial partnerships and some proprietary patents. Among these innovations are new and improved versions of existing technologies (i.e FLWRDWN™), demonstrating the importance of iteration in the innovation process.

In 2022, we continued to build our governance process throughout our value chain—updating our Preferred Materials List (PML) to include more materials and re-evaluating our ratings.

We hit our milestone of planting, protecting and restoring 1 million trees through our Tomorrow Tree Fund powered by Milkywire.

We enhanced our employee policies and benefits, increased our learning & development opportunities and introduced employee communities.

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