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A splendid day filled with food, drinks, and great vibes, Tiffin At The Yard has returned, and this time staying put for a long time.

Tiffin At The Yard (formerly known as Tiffin Food Court) is back with a permanent concept at Sentul Depot. Once a railway engineering workshop, the city’s heritage building has been transformed into a culinary playground featuring 15 of KL’s most established names, including Licky Chan, Alta Cafe, Joloko and more, on rotation every other month. With a spacious area and incredible line-up of vendors, Tiffin At The Yard is an ideal spot to unwind with friends and family.

Here’s why we enjoyed our visit to Tiffin At The Yard:

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What’s good?

4 reasons why you need to be at Tiffin At The Yard this weekend

Alta Burgers

Beef Jianbiang at Sesame Street by Small Shifting Spaces

The Bao Guys specials

Pizza pop-up by Stretch

Caribbean delights from Jojo’s by Joloko

Are you craving pasta or Caribbean food? Perhaps, a sweet boozy treat to cheer you up? Tiffin At The Yard has it all. From Western to Asian and Middle Eastern, you will find a plethora of cuisines to indulge. Head to Herbivore, which features a collective of restaurants and chefs showcasing delicious plant-based meals.

For those craving a seafood platter, check out Southern Rock Seafood for the freshest catch of the day, along with oyster shooters and fish and chips. Our favourite dishes are from the masterminds behind Alta Burger (from Alta Cafe) for their mouth-watering burgers and Olivia’s Deli for a tasty bowl of paella. Known for its unique ice cream flavours, Licky Chan is a great way to sweeten your day. 

Making its debut at Tiffin, Small Shifting Space serves up contemporary Chinese food and snacks, while Red Red Botak Head offers Malaysian classics with a twist. 

If you plan to reach at 10 AM on the weekends, head to Universal Bakehouse and Little People for the freshly baked pastries to go with your Kopenhagen Coffee. In addition, Tiffin At The Yard is entirely pork-free.

Don’t worry about not having cash on you, as this urban space promotes cashless transactions (debit, credit cards and e-wallets).

The ambience

Located in a 22,000 square foot space, the minimal-meets-industrial interior boasts vibrant furniture and neon lights. As soon as you enter, groovy tunes and delicious whiffs of food fill the air. The area is well-ventilated too. We love the ambience at night as the lights and interior complement the space well. It’s hard not to fall in love with the concept when it oozes charm. You can also look forward to artisanal food markets, wellness weekends, pop-up dinners and thematic evenings in the future.

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